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7 Things You Should Know About Real Estate Wholesaling

The Financial Key: Hosts Bro. James & Rafika welcomes entrepreneur, author, talk show host, and real estate investor Darrell J. Muhammad. Darrell stops by to share his  over 30 yrs of experience in the areas of marketing, sales, investments, financial empowerment, real estate investing, personal development, business development, online marketing, network marketing, wealth creation and entrepreneurship. Former Wall Street stock broker, Darrell now teaches how to invest in real estate with no money, no credit, no risk, through his course “The Secrets of Wholesaling”. He is the host of Black Wealth Empowerment (BWE) @ Hangout and his daily live stream “The Money Game” Facebook @DarrellMuhamad

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Real Estate Wholesaling


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