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Women’s Health: 10 Keys to a Healthy Colon with Dr. Lynn O’Connor and Master Herbalist Roland Guy

Hosts Bro. James & Rafika invite you to join us in celebration of Women’s History Month with a candid conversation about women’s health with two experts in colon health. Dr. Lynn O’Connor, Colorectal Surgeon & Director of the Women’s Colorectal Care Program, ProHealth Care Associates, a division of Colon and Rectal Surgery. She is outspoken about declining health patterns due to lack of exercise, growing obesity and the increase in colon cancer among the U.S. female population. Facebook @lynnoconnormd

Roland Guy is a certified Master Herbalist and Colon Therapist of over 30 years. He is a prominent businessman and author. He the owner of Ambrosia Health Foods and located in Brooklyn, New York and in his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago. He has facilitated hundreds of workshops and consultations for the community and is sought after by celebrities for his expertise.

  • Women's Health: 10 Keys to a Healthy Colon


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