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I know I can learn everything about the subject of ________. I see myself using this new knowledge to enjoy life even more. I am always happy so this just adds another layer of goodness to my life. I am glad to have it done so I can use this new ____________(put in what it is such as the use of this new technology, language, subject to discuss, etc.) it amazes me how simple it has been to learn, how easy, how quick & how well I am retaining & using the info. Once i let go of the resistance the big pay off was how it got done so effortlessly. I am now going throught my list of things I have wanted to learn about & my life has changed in such a great way expanding my good to such a great level. I am so happy I changed my thinking cause it has changed my life in an amazing way. I know many people are waiting for something to happen & I made things happen which gives me a great feeling of accomplishment & appreciation.