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Orgonite Pyramid



Orgonite is an affordable tool for improving your life and helps to restore the earth’s balance. It is hand-made of cured fiberglass resin, metal powders, copper coils and crystals.

Orgonite is an energy transformer as well as a generator of negative ions. It has the ability to capture the energy and reverse its negative polarity, healing all things in its vicinity. The energy of Orgonite is very similar to the energy of the great pyramids. ย Negative ions are in abundance at the beach, near waterfalls and in the forests.

In addition to the 15 crystals listed below, our Pyramids include:
The extra large and large pyramid have 23 karat gold leaf, a copper coil around a large quartz crystal, and a copper piping at the base of the large quartz. ย Also, magnets are placed in the base of the pyramid to increase its scalar energy.
4 small quartz crystals are placed in the base of this super powerful.

Our Orgonite is packed with aluminum, brass, copper, zeolite and tourmaline powders.
The copper plate is used to further increase the energy of these pyramids.

The pyramids are available in yellow, green, or violet.