The Keys 107 Network

The Producers

Bro. James and Rafika Soaries recognize that in order to effect change, sustain growth and build prosperity there needs to be, first, an engagement in dialogue that identifies the issues, second, an initiation of a collaborative effort to establish a plan, and third the active implementation of the goals.

“We are very excited to be a part of the emerging web of Internet broadcast radio and to be able to offer our professional experience, insight, and commitment to anyone who wants to hear it.” Bro. James stated.

“We are committed to providing information that can open the doors to endless possibilities and inspire change in your life. It was and is our intention to invite guests that specialize in specific areas and through informative dialogue offer solutions that motivates progressive change and stimulates active action. We intend to be a part of the force that pushes for a stronger, healthier community.” Stated Rafika.